Our form of acupuncture is based on the anatomy of the
body. While traditional acupuncture is mythically
associated with concept of Qi or Energy of the body and
the flow of this energy through Meridians, our form is
purely neurologically based. Each acupuncture point has
a distinct anatomical association.
The treatment of pain, even in our modern world, is
inconsistent and based on many subjective elements. In our
methodology, you will discover the distinct and orderly
appearance of anatomical acupuncture points that will assist
you in the determination of the severity and sensitivity of pain
and will also give you an easy objective way to determine if a
patient will benefit from therapies
If you have entered this website, you must have some interest
in acupuncture.  While the traditional form of acupuncture
which is based on its mythical elements and that has been
taught over many thousands of years. Our approach to
acupuncture is based on anatomical points of the body.  In
addition, we will help you understand and quantify the
subjective nature of pain.
Dr. Hou Chi Dung Ph.D.  -  Anatomical Acupuncture
This site is for medical professionals. Those seeking to learn
traditional acupuncture will not get benefit from our teachings.